Orange Lions Paw Scallop 5"-6" Shell Pair

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Orange Lions Paw Scallop 5"-6" Shell Pair

Orange Lions Paw Scallop 5
Item #: ZZ1-14

Pair of Rare Orange Lions Paw Shell half (Lyropecten Nodosus) about 5"- 6" Natural, not dyed or colored in any way. This thick, heavy seashell is the perfect addition to any nautical seashell decor, Beach Cottage or Wedding Decorations. Sturdy and thick, this shell makes a great exotic baking dish for Seafood appetizers. Can be re-used over and over. A favorite decor item for any Beach Themed Dinner Party. Perfect for smudging. The shell in the picture is an example only. The shell you will receive might be slightly different in color. The colors range from a dark reddish orange to a pale, almost yellow orange tone on the outside and white to purple colors on the inside. Note: Our seashells are 100% natural and can vary slightly in color and markings.

Sale Price : $10.00
Was : $16.00

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Orange Lions Paw Scallop 5"-6" Shell Pair

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